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****Please note that you will need a vet appointment

for your kitten within 10 days of pick up or your

health guarantee is void

The First Week:   Please confine your kitten to a small quiet room for 3-5 days to keep their stress level as low as possible and to show them where their litter box is.  If given too much freedom in a strange home, your kitten will not understand how to find its litter box and may have accidents.  If you have young children, please limit the amount of handling for the first week to reduce stress, and always supervise to prevent injury.  Be extra careful with electrical cords throughout your home that your kitten can chew on and also watch that your new kitten does not get under reclining chairs.

Stress Symptoms:   Your kitten may experience diarrhea, constipation, runny eyes, sneezing or overall cold symptoms.  These symptoms are all very common and normal when going to a new home and do not mean that your kitten is sick.  These should resolve within the first week, but if you feel that they are not going away, please consult your veterinarian.  Your kitten may not eat or use the litter box for the first 24 hours.  This is very normal.  

Litter:   Your kitten is completely litter trained using Tractor Supply wood pellet litter.  You may also use Feline Pine NON CLUMPING wood pellet litter.  If you have a Tractor Supply nearby, their version of the pellet litter is much cheaper. (Please scroll down this page to see actual pictures of what we use). The Feline Pine can be ordered online at Chewy.com or found at Petsmart or Petco.  Please show your kitten their litter box a few times a day to make sure they understand where it's located in your home.   

Food:   Your kitten is eating Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula dry food. If you decide to give canned food, please do so in small amounts as it can cause gas and diarrhea.  Dry food and fresh water should be left out at all times for your kitten. They will not overeat.   If you decide to switch foods, please mix the new food with the old 50/50 for 1 week.

Spay & Neuter Aftercare:   Your kitten was recently spayed or neutered.  Males have no stitches and there is no aftercare or restrictions for them.  Females have had laser spay surgery with internal sutures that are dissolvable.  By the time your kitten comes home there is no aftercare and no need to remove sutures.  They will dissolve on their own over time.   Please watch for any signs of redness, oozing or anything that might indicate an infection around the incision for the next week.  

Cat Toys/Cat Trees and Scratching Posts:  The kittens love to play with any type of ball, feather wands, furry mice.   A cat tree with sisal rope to scratch and multiple levels to sleep on are great for the kittens to play on.  Wayfair has the biggest selection with the cheapest prices on these

Vaccines And Worming Your New Kitten:   Please bring your kitten to your vet within 10 days of pick up for an initial health exam as required by the contract/health guarantee. You may use a vet of your choosing with the exception of Banfield Pet Hospital.  Please do not use this nationwide chain.  Your kitten was vaccinated at 9 weeks with their first baby shot.  Your vet will need to follow up with a 2nd vaccine about 3-4 weeks after the initial vaccine.   Health records have been provided with your new kitten showing the date and type of vaccine given, along with the multiple wormings your kitten received at 6, 8 and 10 weeks. **PLEASE DO NOT take your kitten to a pet store, a park, or have a play date with other cats/kittens.  Your kitten is not yet fully vaccinated and can easily pick up a fatal disease in public places.

Please make sure that your vet does not give the Rabies vaccine along with any other shots as a serious, life threatening allergic reaction may occur.  Ragdoll kittens should not receive the Feline Leukemia or FIP vaccines.  You will void your health guarantee immediately if you choose to inoculate your kitten with the FIP or Felv vaccine.  

**** Your Ragdoll kitten should not be vaccinated against rabies before 16 weeks of age. 

***A cat carrier must be used at pick-up to transport your kitten/cat home.  No kitten or cat will be released or sent home without one. 



Tractor Supply Wood Pellet litter we use.

If you do not have a Tractor Supply nearby, you may use the Feline Pine litter. 

Your kitten is used to an open top litter box with no lid and may not use a different type of litter box.  

Recommended brush

We use and recommend stainless steel bowls.