Some of our previous babies... Some of our previous babies... Blue Bicolor Baby 125742926 Seal Mitted Baby 123785354 Seal mitted and blue mitted littermates 126211235 Blue Mitted Baby 126211737 Seal Colorpoint Baby 136674590 Blue/Cream mitted baby 126141977 Blue/Cream Mitted Tortie with blaze 126141975 Seal Mitted Kitten Our baby Carleigh...staying with us! 87120118 Blue Eyed White Kitten This kitten now lives in Panama. 87120119 Seal Lynx Colorpoint Kitten Our Cassie 87120120 Seal Lynx Bicolor 87159703 Blue Mitted This gorgeous boy is a future breeder and staying here with us! 114765862 Blue Colorpoint CFA Show Champion 116806659 Blue Colorpoint 117205516 Seal Bicolor - Our Girl Mandy 117205517 Seal Lynx Bicolor Baby 117213562 Seal Lynx 122193385 Seal Mitted Baby 122499233 Blue/Cream mittted baby 126141976 Seal Lynx Bicolor Baby 139589235 Blue Bicolor Baby 139589236 Cream Baby 139589237 Blue Bicolor 140114517 Seal Mitted Baby 166426712